Intravenous Drips

Board Certified Intravenous Infusions


Developed by Baltimore’s Integrative Medical pioneer John Meyers in the 1950’s patients traveled from throughout the USA for this energizing Vitamin infusion. The Meyers Cocktail is an infusion of Vitamin C, B complex vitamins, Magnesium. Enhances immune function, prevents free radical damage, detoxifies vital organs while boosting energy and a feeling of wellness.


Vitamin C has been an immune booster for many years; It became even more famous as Nobel-Prize winning Chemist Linus Pauling began his studies to promote this treatment as a universal cure. The important benefits of Vitamin C I.V. are anti-inflammatory, potent anti-oxidant, IV administration results in much higher plasma and intracellular levels of Vitamin C than would be possible orally.

It shortens both severity and duration of common cold and flu, aids in wound healing, raises neurotransmitter levels, boosts energy, has antihistamine properties.


In addition to being a treatment for heavy metal toxicity, such as found in lead and mercury poisoning, chelation has been successfully administered to overcome various conditions in the aging process. Most notable is impaired circulation due to hardening of the arteries and arthritis. Numerous scientific studies reflecting effectiveness and safety have been published. In a single study alone, evaluating over 22,000 patients, 87% demonstrated major improvements. Millions of chelation administrations have been performed for over 40 year’s worldwide. According to the College for Advancement of Medicine, not one fatality proven to be caused by chelation therapy has been reported.

Other conditions with notable improvements from extensive studies include improvement in complications of diabetes mellitus, the strength of heart contraction, impairment of brain, heart and leg circulation, impairment of kidney function, elevated cholesterol and heavy metal removal. Chelation involves cleansing the body of harmful accumulations of metallic chemicals which interfere with normal body functions.


Studies have shown that increased Glutathione levels in the blood slows down the aging process, Detoxifies and improves liver function and strengthens the immune system. Glutathione also works to improve mental functions, increase energy, improve concentration, permit increased exercise and improve heart function. Glutathione studies show we all need to increase our Glutathione levels which in turn slows down the aging process and prevents future inflammation.

Research has shown that individuals with low levels of Glutathione are susceptible to chronic illness. Studies indicate that levels decline by 8-12% per decade, beginning at the age of 20. Levels are further reduced by continual stress on the immune system such as illness, stress, and aging etc.