Richard Tester, BSNC

A dynamic Anti-Aging Sports/Nutrition Healthcare Provider with over 30 years of creating powerful multifaceted  methods of  health, wellness and rejuvenation.  An avid member of the Prestigious A4M (The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) for 10 years along with 100,000  prominent Physicians and healthcare providers.

Richard Tester designs complete individualized Sports, Anti-Aging, and Wellness programs tailored to the uniqueness of the individual. Utilizing state of the art equipment such as the Ion Magnum for total enhancement of core strength, athletic performance and rehabilitation. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy to repair torn tendons, improve circulation, reducing pain swelling and inflammation.

Richard Tester has facilities in New York City & Fort Lee
Has completed over 500 Certifications in the fields of Nutrition and Anti-Aging coupled with bio magnetic modalities.
Designed a unique Nutritional and Metabolic Program for Thomas Edison University in New Jersey, currently being utilized.
Member A4M American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Member of American Association of Clinical Nutritionists 1993
Member Institute of Fundamental Medicine 1999
Research Associate Biological Medicine Fellowship 1993
Metagenics Applied Clinical Detoxification, with Jeffrey Bland, PHD Metagenics Corp.
Nutritional Bio Chemistry with Neil Orenstein, PHD, 1980
Published, Comprehensive Nutritional Publishing Inc. “Scientific releationships between Diet and Cancer,” 1991
Interned with Dr. Issels Ringgold Clinic, Germany imminent German Physician and renowned cancer specialist responsible for “Immunotherapy” an Alternative Treatment for cancer with documented clinical remissions, over 70%.
A study in Clinical Nutrition, managing the patient with chronic fatigue syndrome. 1990
Nutrition and Immunological Regulation Complementary Medicine through aging. 2000

Judith Volpe, MD

An exceptional Integrative Medical Practitioner with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Volpe is cited as a resource in Suzanne Sommers books, considered to be an innovator in bioidentical hormone therapy. Dr. Volpe delivers personalized patient centered care in our welcoming Med Spa environment. Trained at Rutgers University.

Kim Schmidt, CC NT, Director of Public Relations 

An accomplished Med Spa and Integrative Health Professional with over 15 years in the industry Ms. Schmidt is the Director of PR for the New Life Center, developing Anti-Aging programs Media development and messaging for over 200+ clients. Ms. Schmidt has been featured in Time Out Magazine, Live-In Style, Fashion Reverie, Talent in Motion, Spa Week, American Spa Magazine and TV spot for Diesel Jeans and Al Roker Show.